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Contact Lenses

The latest technological advances in contact lens materials and designs has meant that almost everyone who wears glasses, of varying prescriptions, can benefit from the freedom of contact lenses.

At Vedelago Optometrists, we prescribe contact lenses that best suit your visual needs and lifestyle requirements.


Daily contact lenses make contact lens wear easy. There is no need for the cost of cleaning solutions and lenses are simply discarded after daily use. They are ideal for patients with dry eyes and allergy, for sporting activities and occasional contact lens use.

Extended wear lenses

Extended contact lenses can be worn whilst sleeping. Depending on your suitability as determined by your optometrist, they can be worn for up to 29 days.


Contact lenses are now available to correct astigmatism. Talk to your optometrist to find out if you are suitable.

Multifocal contact lenses

Incorporating contact lens technology, multifocal contacts deliver clear vision at every distance.